Exploring the Features of Metal Credit Cards

By OneCard   |   June 24, 2024

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Luxurious, durable, and sturdy metal credit cards certainly stand out, especially when compared to traditional credit cards. But which one should you choose? Aside from aesthetics, are there any utilitarian differences between the two of them? This guide will help you choose the best fit for you!

The popularity of metal credit cards has sparked a debate on whether they are better than plastic credit cards. Despite several metal credit cards having stricter eligibility criteria and significantly higher fees, they have become more accessible to the general population. For a long time, it was difficult to get a metal credit card. But with new options like the One Credit Card, more individuals can apply for and obtain metal cards.

Understanding Metal Credit Cards

As the name suggests, metal credit cards are crafted from metal or metal alloys such as stainless steel, titanium, etc. In addition, card details are imprinted with high-precision laser technology for greater security. This not only enhances the look of the card, making it a style statement but also offers added protection against theft or fraud. On the other hand, a plastic card looks commonplace—a standard wallet staple. These cards are handy and adaptable. So if you are someone looking for an upgrade and a switch to metal credit cards, the following factors will help you decide.

Metal Credit Cards Features over Plastic Credit Cards

When it comes to the metal credit cards vs plastic credit cards debate, the following are some of the primary considerations. It’s wise to research thoroughly when considering any credit cards – metal or plastic. The better you understand the features of various credit cards, the better informed your decision will be when choosing one for yourself.

Durability and Longevity

One of the best features of metal cards is that they are built to last. Owing to their robust durability, metal credit cards offer resistance to regular wear and tear and remain intact over prolonged use. On the other hand, plastic cards are not as resilient and can break easily. They are also more likely to suffer fading and scratches over time. This makes metal cards a better alternative in terms of durability.

Exclusive Benefits and Rewards

Metal and plastic credit cards come with various benefits and rewards, including lower interest rates, exclusive discounts, travel perks, and lifestyle benefits like concierge services and access to premium airport lounges. In addition, metal credit cards offer signup bonuses, trip insurance, etc. Metal credit cards like the One Credit Card give you seamless integration with features and benefits through the One Credit Card app. Although metal cardholders are likely to incur higher annual fees, these cards make for a high-performing payment option for those willing to invest. On the other hand, plastic credit cards cater to a larger population and are thus more widely accepted. They also offer exciting rewards, such as travel miles, cashbacks, and extended warranty protection.

Premium Design and Customization Options

Metal credit cards not only offer functional advantages but also have a premium design that radiates sophistication, style, and prestige. Holding a metal card in your hand truly offers an unmatched tactile experience. With One Credit Card, you have the option to personalise your metal credit card with custom designs through the app, allowing you to express your individuality. Plastic credit cards also offer flexibility in customisation and design. However, they are made from PVC or synthetic materials and have a more regular feel to them.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Although metal cards are sturdy, they can have a higher carbon footprint due to their production process. On the contrary, plastic cards are lighter and easily recyclable. While opting for a metal card can help reduce waste, it’s important to note that they may not be entirely sustainable in the long run.

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Metal credit cards stand out for their unique look, features, and benefits that elevate your spending experience and lifestyle. But ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences. If you enjoy the feeling of luxury, a metal card might be the right answer for you. However, if practicality and simplicity are more your style, a reliable plastic card will do the job perfectly. So weigh your options, consider your needs, and choose the card that best suits your style.

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