The SBM One co-branded Credit Card KYC Terms and Conditions

In pursuant to your expressing interest for this product, FPL will facilitate the below modes of KYC (Know Your Customer) as per the applicability for the customer to open Fixed Deposit and issue SBM One co-branded Credit Card.

Applicable KYC Modes:

i) CKYC ii) Offline Aadhaar Paperless KYC (OKYC) iii) eKyc + OTP/ Biometric iv) Digital KYC

I understand that as part of KYC, the Bank may opt to use one of the above approved and applicable modes, and I agree to facilitate the due process for the same as per the applicable regulatory guidelines of RBI and Bank.

I hereby also give consent to the Bank to share my/our personal/KYC details with the Central KYC Registry.

Terms and conditions and Consent for CKYC

I hereby authorize SBM Bank (India) Ltd. to fetch/retrieve my KYC records online from the Central KYC registry (CKYCR) for the purpose of opening my account with SBM Bank.

I also authorize SBM Bank to obtain additional identification documents or details and carry out additional check in case, i. there is a change in the information of the customer as existing in the records of CKYCR; ii. the current address of the customer is required to be verified; iii. the RE considers it necessary to verify the identity or address of the customer, or to perform enhanced due diligence or to build an appropriate risk profile of the client.

I hereby consent to receiving information from Central KYC Registry through SMS/Email on the above registered number/email address.

Terms and conditions and Consent for Offline Aadhaar Paperless KYC (OKYC)

- I hereby voluntarily give my consent to the Bank to fetch KYC details from the link

- I also agree to share the OTP and Share code to facilitate the Offline KYC

Terms and conditions and Consent for eKYC + OTP/Biometric

- I confirm that I have not opened any other bank account other than the proposed one with SBM Bank, using OTP based Aadhaar (e-KYC) authentication process.

- I hereby state that I have no objection in authenticating myself with Aadhaar based authentication system and give consent to providing my Aadhaar Number, Biometric and/or OTP (One Time Pin) (and/or any similar authentication mechanism) for Aadhaar Based authentication for the purposes of availing of the Banking Service from Bank.

- I understand that the Biometric and/or OTP and/or any similar authentication mechanism, I may provide for authentication, shall be used only for authenticating my identity through Aadhaar Authentication system for that specific transaction and for no other purposes. I also understand that the Bank shall ensure security and confidentiality of my personal identity data provided for the purpose of Aadhaar based authentication.

I, therefore, submit my Aadhaar number and voluntarily give my consent to:

- Use my Aadhaar Details and authenticate myself through Aadhaar based authentication system for the purpose of establishing my identity.

- Use my Registered Mobile Number in the bank records for sending SMS alerts to me.

- Link the Aadhaar Number to all my existing/new/future accounts and customer profile (CIF) with your Bank.

I also consent to receiving information from Central KYC Registry through SMS/Email on the above registered number/email address.

Terms and conditions and Consent for Digital KYC

- I consent to undergo Digital KYC as per the RBI approved guidelines.

- I will make myself available when the Business Correspondent of Bank Employee will visit my location to take the live photograph of self and digital picture of the OVD (Officially Valid Document).