Key Fact Statement – SBM One co-branded Credit Card

Issued by SBM Bank, Managed by OneCard

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Goods and Service Tax is applicable on all fees, interest and other charges

** Illustration on Interest Free (grace) period

An interest free period will not be available if you have not paid the previous month’s outstanding amount in entirety. Interest free period from the start of the billing cycle date shall not exceed 48 Days. Payment Due Date on your Card is 18 days after the Statement Date (Please check your statement for your exact Payment Due Date). Therefore free credit period can range upto 48 days depending on your Payment Due Date which includes 3 days of grace period.

Illustrative Example for Interest Free Period Calculation:

For a statement for the period 14th April to 13th May, the payment due date is 1st June. Assuming you have paid Your previous month’s dues in full, the interest free period would be:

For the purchase dated 14th April, interest free grace period is from 14th April to 31st May = 48 days and for the purchase dated 2nd May, interest free grace period is from 2nd May to 31st May = 30 days.

Billing Statement: Your billing statement will be generated every month (currently on 1st). It will contain a break-up of all purchases, repayments, fees, interest charges, refunds and taxes. In case the card was not used in a month, the statement will mention there were no spends in that month.

Mode of sending statement: Intimation of the billing statement will be done through email, on a monthly basis to you, and will also be available on your OneCard app.

***Minimum Amount Due: When you get your SBM One co-branded Credit Card statement, you can choose to pay the full amount (Total Amount Due) or pay just 5% of the Total Amount Due. This is known as Minimum Amount Due (MAD), and at least this amount must be paid before the Payment Due Date.Please check your statement for your exact Payment Due Date. The remaining balance can be carried forward to subsequent months. This Minimum Amount Due will be:

i) 5% of the outstanding amount or Rs.100 (whichever is greater) PLUS ii) Total sum of any card fee, overdue minimum payment iii) Any amount exceeding the credit limit iv) Entire amount of any instalments (EMI) due (if/as applicable)

You can also pay the Total Amount Due or an amount between the Minimum Amount Due and Total Amount Due.For the sake of clarity, the late payment charges shall be charged on the outstanding amount.

Method of payment

You can pay the outstanding dues from the OneCard app itself, through the following modes: Debit Card b) Netbanking c) UPI d) IMPS/NEFT to unique SBM One co-branded account number provided in OneCard app.

Billing Disputes Resolution : In case of any query or a dispute on any transaction, you must inform us within 30 days of receipt of the statement, by using any of the contact particulars stated below. We will assist you by providing information in relation to charges to the card account. A temporary suspension would be applied on the disputed transaction while under investigation. This would be resolved within a maximum of 60 days.

Complete Postal Address of card issuer: SBM Bank (India) Limited, 1st Floor, Raheja Center, Free Press Journal Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400021

Grievance Resolution

SBM Bank Customer Care Number: 1800 1033 817

Helpline Number: 1800-210-9111

Email id:

SBM Bank Customer Care Email Id:

Email id:

If you are not satisfied with the response from regular channels, you can escalate the issue by sending an email to

For any escalation beyond this level, you can contact the Nodal Officer at

Contact details of Grievance Redressal Official: