Add-on Credit Card: What is It and How to Apply?

By OneCard   |   June 24, 2024

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Be it for paying rent or buying groceries, safe and seamless transactions are every customer’s preference. Credit cards are especially popular and have a permanent place in our wallets. Various reasons contribute to their popularity. However, these advantages are limited to a single person, the cardholder. But there is a solution to this problem: an add-on credit card designed to allow your loved ones to enjoy the same benefits as you. It also ensures that all expenses appear on a single bill. So how do you get one? Let’s learn all about how to apply for an add-on credit card.

What is an Add-on Credit Card?

An add-on credit card is an extension of an existing credit card, akin to a secondary card tied to the primary card’s credit limit and benefits. The add-on card is typically issued by banks and works exactly like a primary card regarding benefits like rewards points, cashback, and discounts.

A family member like your spouse, children, siblings, or parents is generally eligible. A bank usually limits the number of add-on credit cards that can be issued on a primary card so it would be advisable to check with your bank before applying.

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Features of Add-on Credit Card

It is important to understand the features of an add-on credit card so you know how to leverage them to your advantage. Here are some key ones:

1. Shared Credit Limit

An add-on credit card is an extension of the existing card and draws from its credit limit. In other words, purchases made with the add-on card reduce the total balance available for the primary cardholder.

2. Separate Transaction Histories

There is an option to get separate statements for primary and add-on cards. This allows for the transaction history to be in one place but for the expenditures to remain distinct from one another. As a result, it is easy for the primary cardholder to track the spending on the add-on card.

3. Fees

Most issuers do not charge a fee for add-on credit cards, but it is better to enquire beforehand. Some firms may levy a fee for multiple add-on cards. However, these fees are often lower than the primary card’s annual fee. One Credit Card does not charge any annual fees or add-on credit card fees. However, if you want your add-on card to be a metal credit card, you need to pay some extra charges.

4. Benefits

Every add-on credit card is entitled to the same benefits as the primary one. For example, One Credit Card’s add-on card carries the same reward points, cashback, and offers as the primary card.

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How to Apply for an Add-on Credit Card

There are two ways to apply for an add-on credit card in India:

1. Online

  1. Most people opt for this option because of its convenience. All you have to do is visit the bank website or app for the option to request an add-on card.
  2. Click on the option once you find it, and fill out the application form with the relevant details.
  3. The next step will require you to upload proof of ID and the address of the person who will use the add-on credit card.
  4. Submit the form along with the documents, and the bank will process your application and dispatch the card to your registered address.

2. Offline

The first step is to procure a form from the bank’s branch. The following procedures remain more or less the same, except you have to submit the form along with the documents at the branch. The bank will then send the card to your address.

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Points to Note Before Getting an Add-on Card

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when getting an add-on credit card:

  1. You should only give the add-on card to someone responsible for their spending.
  2. There is an option to track spending; using this feature specifically for add-on cards is wise. Moreover, you can always set a spending limit for the card.
  3. It is also important to note that most add-on cards are free, but some can cost you. So it is best to read the terms carefully before you sign up for one.

There is no doubt that add-on credit cards can prove quite beneficial for a variety of reasons. But always remember to check all the details and pick the one best suited for you. One Credit Card has a wide range of credit card offers for the primary and add-on cards that suit your needs. So shop, eat, and travel to your heart’s content, but be smart and financially responsible!

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