Tips for Buying Electronic Gadgets During Festive Sales

By OneCard   |   October 30, 2023

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Festive season sales are one of the most awaited opportunities to buy electronic gadgets. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply looking to upgrade your phone, TV, or any other household item, festive sales give you the best offers and deals to choose from. While the opportunities might be plentiful, it’s important to make informed decisions to save yourself regret after making purchases.

How to avoid regretting what you bought

1. Nerdy is the new cool

Let’s say you want to upgrade your home TV. You plan to buy a 4K TV. Now, for the same brand and similar configuration, you can come across multiple options on multiple shopping platforms. On the surface, you may find a 4K TV from Samsung costing, say, Rs. 30,000 on one platform and Rs. 28,000 on another. However, if you go deeper, you may notice some major differences. It can be something like the launch year of the TV or the availability of features like voice assistance. Also, since many electronic products do not allow returns, only replacements, it’s wiser to do thorough research before making your purchase.

2. Setting a budget doesn’t hurt

With the time sensitive nature of low price offers, it can get tempting to buy products that you could wait for. Having a budget can help you keep your spending in check so you don’t overspend. OneCard users can easily set budget for their credit card using built-in Spends Planner.

3. Make your choices beforehand

Making a wishlist can help you identify what you need immediately and prioritise it. It will also help you better track the prices on the platform so you get the best price during the sale season. For example, if you plan to get an iPad, you can wishlist a few models and track the prices. Many times, ecommerce platforms will offer certain models at higher discounts than others.

4. Timing is key

While festive sales go on for days, oftentimes the prices can get extremely low for a very short period of time. Check out videos by influencers to get some expert tips on when’s the right time to buy. For example, a particular platform may offer the lowest prices at mid-night.

5. Beware of getting scammed

With the frenzy going on during online shopping, there can be incidents of fraud. To save yourself from it, always make sure you check the seller details and see the fine print of the listing. If you find a lot of bad reviews or the seller doesn’t look trustworthy, avoid buying just for the low price. Even after purchasing the product, find ways to check if it is original and not tampered with. For example, in the case of Apple products, you can enter the serial number on their website to check if the device has been registered before.

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6. Check the return policies

While discounts might seem enticing, checking the return policies is of utmost importance to avoid any post-purchase hassle. For example, some products may have a replacement only policy in case you receive a damaged item. They may not allow a return. Some products may not have any return or replacement policy at all. For any issues after purchase, you will need to connect with the brand itself.

7. Explore bundles and combo offers

Let’s say you are buying an iPad. You will also eventually need to buy a cover and a screen guard. If you are getting a discount on a combo offer, you can consider purchasing those accessories at the same time.

8. Study various payment options and offers

With the information overload on ecommerce platforms, you may easily miss out on some offers. If you have the option of various payment modes, calculate the savings across each of them and arrive at the best price for yourself. For example, a card may offer a 10% instant discount along with a no-cost EMI option. On the other hand, some other cards may offer a 15% discount for a full-swipe transaction. You will need to evaluate the best combination for yourself. You can also explore alternative saving options, like buying giftcards from OneStore that offer up to 10x rewards or 10% valueback on popular brands.


With so many festivities coming back to back in the months starting in September, shopping opportunities will be plentiful. If you have some purchases on your mind, this can be the right time to take the leap. By adopting at least some of the tips shared above, you can avoid any post-purchase regrets and enjoy the thrill of buying your wishlist items. Happy shopping!

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