How To Know Your Credit Card Number?

By OneCard   |   March 01, 2024

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Every credit card owner is assigned a unique card number. It holds immense importance as a crucial identifier, enabling secure transactions and serving as the gateway to convenient online shopping, travel reservations, and more. Thus, to retrieve your credit history and other associated details from anywhere, you must learn how to know your credit card number.

What is a credit card number?

Credit card numbers are unique 14-16 digit combinations assigned to each registered credit card. You can find this number on the credit card, and also see it in settled bills or mobile banking apps.

In case you are curious about how to find a credit card number on the credit card, it consists of a series of digits that encode information about the issuer, card type, and account details. This number is a crucial identification element in financial transactions, allowing individuals to make purchases, access credit, and engage in online transactions securely.

What do credit card numbers mean?

The credit card numbers help to identify the following:

  • Credit card network

    India’s major credit card networks include Visa, RuPay, and Mastercard. They act as payment intermediaries between consumers and merchants and have unique codes associated with them.

  • Credit card issuer

    The next thing you will find on your credit card number is the credit card issuer’s name. This section will provide you with information about your card issuer.

  • Cardholder

    This last segment of the combination stays unique for each card user. Again, it is essential to remember that the displayed card number is not similar to your credit account number. This is the ’long number’ on the front of your credit card, usually 16 digits but can go up to 19 digits in some cases. It’s not just a random number, just so you know. People who miss this fact often need clarification while being issued a new card after losing the old one. They think their credit account number has also undergone similar changes, but remains unchanged.

Can you find your credit card account number without your card?

Accessing your credit card number without your card is possible in four ways. Let us quickly go through the methods to learn how:

Refer to the billing statement on mobile app It is a viable option if you have previous statements or have access to digital copies. Even if you do not possess a record, consider logging in to your mobile app to find the details.

  • Use net banking

    Use net banking to know your credit card number. Log in to your bank’s net banking portal, navigate to the credit card section, and find the account number there. It’s another convenient way to access your credit card information digitally.

  • Leverage the autofill facility of web browsers

    Many browsers store your card details in their servers after taking your permission. This is done to simplify upcoming transactions. You may turn back to the saved cards section of these sites in times of trouble to recover your card number.

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Understanding the significance of your credit card number is essential for navigating the world of finance. By learning its purpose and knowing how to locate it easily, you can confidently engage in transactions, protect your financial information, and make the most of your credit card benefits.


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