Best Credit Card for Dining: Check Benefits & Offers

By OneCard   |   February 01, 2024

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Embark on a culinary adventure with the perfect dining credit card for food enthusiasts. Indulge in rewards, exclusive memberships, and irresistible offers at partner food outlets and restaurants nationwide.

Under the provisions of credit card dining, you can also be eligible for complimentary items like appetisers, snacks, coffee, etc. Apart from enjoying delicacies at a discounted price, you can earn accelerated reward points with the best dining credit card.

What is a dining credit card?

Dining credit cards extend many dining deals, including offers, discounts, reward points, freebies, and other advantages, at partner restaurants. These credit cards enhance the overall dining experience and give you discounts and reward points while ordering food from the food-ordering platforms as well. Further, you may also get other benefits such as complimentary visits to airport lounges worldwide with premium dining credit cards.

Benefits of dining credit cards

The best credit card for food comes with the following benefits:

  • Cashback offers: The best credit card for restaurants will help you get cashback offers. It means you will get a certain percentage of the bill amount back in your account.

  • Accelerated reward points: By using a credit card for dining cleverly, you can earn more reward points than usual.

  • Complimentary privileges: You can enjoy complimentary dining benefits with a dining credit card. You should maximise these privileges and save on dining costs.

  • Attractive discounts: The credit card for food will also help you get discounts on the dining bill amount. The discount percentage depends on the particular credit card and the terms and conditions of the restaurant.

Why is OneCard one of the best credit cards for dining in India?

OneCard is a lifetime-free credit card that has offers on numerous brands across categories, including food and dining. It is ideal for foodies who frequently go out and try new cuisines. When you shop in three or more categories, you can also enjoy 5X rewards on the top two categories which can include your food and dining experiences. Further, if you want keep you spends in control, you can set a category wise budget that allows you to budget your food and dining expenses.

Here are some reasons why OneCard is popular in India:

  • 5X rewards: It is one of the top benefits of using a OneCard. Your reward earning is not limited to certain categories; this credit card allows you to earn 5X rewards on the top 2 spending categories every month. This is the reason why it is considered to be the best credit card for food and dining as well.

  • Offers: Explore offers at stores and restaurants around you or check out a range of brand offers to avail attractive valueback on your shopping.

  • Advanced mobile app: Manage your expenses on the app that provides a visual analysis of all your expenses, both categorywise and merchant wise. Set a monthly budget or if you want higher control, set a categorywise budget.

  • Classy metal card: Last but not the least, you get to flaunt your shiny metal credit card when you go out dining with friends.

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Numerous dining credit cards are available in the market. However, choose a card that not only gives great offers and reward points but also provides a smooth experience This is where OneCard stands out, with its unrivalled benefits, including exclusive partnerships, enticing rewards, and a smooth app. It elevates your dining experiences to new heights, making it a must-have in your wallet.


How do I know if my credit card qualifies for dining offers?

To know whether your credit card is eligible for dining offers, you can call check the app of your card issuer or visit the issuer’s website. Some card issuers also send various offers via email and WhatsApp. Do keep an eye out for the same.

Is there an expiry date on dining offers?

Yes, there is an expiry date on dining offers. The expiry dates on the dining offers vary from one dining credit card to another. You must check the issuer’s official website or app to know the expiry date.

How do I avail of dining offers on my credit card?

You must notify the waiter or the merchant partner that you want to get the discount or the offer. If you are ordering online, you must apply the coupon code of the offer.


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